Monday, October 14, 2013

Scenes from the weekend...

I think this was literally the first weekend of Jude's life that we were in town with no visitors and no real plans.
We were thrilled!
We love being on the go but sometimes you just need to unwind.
And that's exactly what we did.
We finally have Jude on a schedule and life is good.
We managed to get both boys in bed and asleep by 8pm each night.
B and I were beside ourselves!
We actually got to spend time just the two of us enjoying adult conversation and good wine.
That paired with time at the park, napping, lounging and hanging with friends made for the perfect weekend.
Now if only the Saints could have pulled off a win...


  1. Sometimes a mini staycation is the best sort of way to unwind. And are looking amazing!!

  2. I'm glad you guys got a weekend to just "be"! And it looks like it was a fun one!!