Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Scenes from the weekend...

It was one of those weekends...
The best kind.
So much fun and filled with nothing but family time.
The kind of weekend where we did so much but never felt rushed or pulled in too many directions.
B and I enjoyed a night out just the two of us.
Left the boys with a babysitter {that wasn't grandma!} for the first time.
Dinner at one of our favorite places and a fabulous party at one of B's client's amazing homes.
Best part of the night though was coming into a quiet house with both boys already asleep.
Spent a lazy morning inside on a cold, rainy Saturday, but then the sun came out and we headed to Gentry's Farm.
This place was incredible.
Watching G run around taking in all the animals, pumpkins and corn maze just warmed my heart.
We will definitely be making it a tradition each year!
Headed to church Sunday morning and ended the day with a trip to the park.
The perfect weekend with my three favorite guys. 


  1. Love going to Gentry's Farm. It a tradition of ours. We're hoping to go this Saturday!

  2. Oh my goodness, wonderful photos. Could your boys be any cuter?! What a fun weekend. We're going to get to a pumpkin patch one of these days!!