Monday, September 30, 2013

Scenes from the weekend...

Seven years ago today I married the love of my life, my best friend and partner in crime.
There is no one I would rather do life with.
B and I have enjoyed, experienced and endured so much through our seven years of marriage.
I have to say {and think he would agree} our two boys are our proudest accomplishments.
As much as we love them, we love time together just the two of us.
And that is exactly what we got this weekend.
We had the most amazing time.
Friday the grandparents arrived {thank you to my incredible in-laws!}, and B and I hit the road headed to the Smoky Mountains.
A cabin just the two us, lots of wine and the chance to just lounge around and rest soaking up all the incredible beauty around us.
I could not wait.
We stopped in Knoxville on the way for a yummy sushi dinner and took in the sights of the darling downtown area.
We did have to laugh at ourselves as we people watched and commented on how cute a family was or how cool their stroller was.
Oh yes, we are now that couple!
Made it to the cabin, and I cannot explain the feeling of calm and relaxation that took over.
No longer was I worried about how much milk I pumped or if G would take his nap.
I was so ready to just unwind and spend some intentional time with the man I love.
And that is exactly what we did.
Sipping good wine.
Watching TV that did not include Disney or Nick Jr.
Sleeping in as long as we wanted.
No schedule or agenda.
Lounging on the porch overlooking the most incredible view.
Napping on the couch.
Listening to a beautiful serenade by the best musician I know.
Talking, reminiscing and laughing like we haven't in years.
My heart was so full as we pulled out Sunday morning to head home.
This mama felt so rejuvenated and ready to see my boys.
Now I'll just have to remember that feeling during the next toddler tantrum or late night feeding...


  1. Seriously this sounds heavenily! So glad y'all got to get away and be with each other!!! I'm remembering this excursion for me and my hubby for next year or maybe for a babymoon!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like a perfect way to revel in your love! <3