Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends!
So excited to be linking up with these lovely ladies to share what I'm loving this week.

Stocked up on my favorite fall treat over the weekend.
Big mistake.
I cannot stop eating it.
Seriously, I have a problem.

Oh how I love this article.
Read it.
It's really good.
I did have to chuckle about "Suzie."
I told the friend who sent it to me I would actually welcome B bringing her home...
as long as she would help with some housework.

3. Mother's Day Out
G started MDO this week.
So thankful for the two days he is getting to go.
Love that he is playing and learning and love that I'm having some time with just Jude and me.
Too bad both days this week I just slept.
I'll be productive next week...

This has been my saving grace!
G is obsessed with this show.
I know television is not ideal for little ones, but hey we are in survival mode over here.
This buys me time to at least start a load of laundry, dry my hair, etc.
Plus I totally dig the songs!

5. This guy
B has been the most amazing dad/husband this week!
He takes G to MDO each morning and even served dad duty solo two nights in a row this week so I could go to a Junior League meeting and a baby shower.
Beyond thankful for his support.
Could not do this without him!


  1. candy corn... OMG. I have a huge glass pumpkin cookie jar that I fill with candy corn every fall... you reminded me that's what I need to do today! :)

    thanks! ;) have a great weekend!

  2. I once tried using candy corn as a decoration. Total fail because all I did was keep dipping in the vase to eat it!