Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Anywhere with a cart...

I go anywhere with a cart. That's my new mantra {thank you Megan for your wise words!}. Oh how life changes with "two under two." People keep asking me how we are doing, and we definitely have our hands full. I have been pleasantly surprised with how well things are going at home with George and Jude and our day to day routine. I am also so happy with how easy it is to take Jude places. He is so easy going and content in his carseat or snuggled up to me in the chest carrier. So while Jude is a cakewalk to get out and about, doing it with his older brother in tow is another story.

We ventured out to Target for our first outing with both boys while my mom was here and thought I would  never get out with the two of them again. Don't get me wrong, we survived. Jude in the chest carrier, George in the cart and Icees in hand. I don't make a regular habit of giving G treats like Icees but when out and about, it's survival mode. We do whatever works.

Sadly I am finding most of our outings have neither carts nor Icees. I swear the hardest part of having two under two is just getting in and out of the car and into our destination. Picking up G from Mothers Day Out is quite the sight. I just know I'm giving the other moms quite the laugh each day as I try to juggle the two babes, backpack, artwork, lunchbox, etc. I consider it quite the accomplishment when we get all loaded back in the car alive and well.

The way I see it though is you have to at least try. I refuse to sit back and just stay inside each day. What is the worst that can happen? One of them cries? I cry? Oh well! If people stare and comment on how I really have my hands full, I just respond with, "I know, I'm so blessed." It just may or may not be said in a passive aggressive, mind your own business kind of tone. Ha! I'm happy to report in the last few weeks the boys and I have conquered trips to the grocery store and Target all by ourselves. Now if only more places had carts...and Icees!


  1. way to go, mama! i'm impressed you are getting out and about! it isn't easy with one newborn! i agree though...much better to get out than sit around at home!

  2. I had the same feelings when Owen was born, and that was with just one child! I completely agree with you that you can't stay home all day just because you're worried of making a scene when you go out. I think it's totally worth it to get ready and spend an hour or so going out, being out and then coming home again just for the sake of doing something and not goign stir crazy!

  3. Glad you're going out! What's good for mama is good for those boys!