Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Ideas

Is everyone excited for Valentine's Day tomorrow??  I sure am!  I don't know why, but I think Valentine's Day gets a bad wrap sometimes.  I don't care if you are single, dating, married or not even looking, Valentine's Day is so much more than just the romantic notions society has hyped it up to be.  To me Valentine's Day is about love, plain and simple.  I don't care who you are there is someone in your life that you love {whether it's mom, dad, significant other, friend, pet, etc.}, and you know what, there is someone that loves you too.  So why not celebrate it?  Go all out with fine jewels and fancy dinners with that special someone, send a care package to mom and dad or my favorite, celebrate with finds from the dollar aisle at Target and takeout at home.  Regardless, take a little time out tomorrow to tell someone you love them.

Ok, I'll step off the soapbox now.  I do have to admit, I'm a little more into this day of love this year thanks to my little man.  G was on top of things and got his Valentines in the mail to some certain family and friends, and although it took him a little coercing {he was not into mom's homemade project}, he was excited to send his love. 

Now that we got the out of towners taken care of, I have been focusing on what to do for G's first Valentine's party.  We just love his new school and adore his teachers and classmates.  He has to bring Valentines for everyone as well as a special treat for the party.  Thanks to Pinterest {which I swear in my indecisive case, is not a good thing}, I am all over the place with ideas.  Check out the ones below and stay tuned to see what little man ends up bringing.  Oh, and don't worry...I've got my big man taken care of too!  Cannot wait to show you what fun surprise I got him, but on the off chance he's actually reading this {are you B?}, I'll have to wait until Friday.  Cheers! 

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