Monday, February 25, 2013

Scenes from the weekend...

You know you've been sick for too long when you just forget what it is like to feel well.  That's how I was last week.  However, after a relaxing, fun-filled weekend of feeling better, I so appreciate my health!  I think I take it for granted too often, but what a joy to not be sick. 
We hit the road Friday and headed to Center Hill Lake with two other couples and their babes.  What fun!  We literally lounged, laughed and stuffed our faces.  It's the little moments for me these days that really get me.  Sitting in pjs, sipping my whipped cream topped hot chocolate {my indulgence for the weekend!}, while watching my little man dance around with his friends as I chat with mine, I realize just how blessed I am {another thing I take for granted far too often}.
Was sad to leave Saturday night but nursery duty at church yesterday morning called us home.  Church, lunch and a nap.  The perfect Sunday!  Capped off the weekend watching the Oscars and was shocked to realize I have seen none of the nominated films {really, NONE!}.  B and I are about to have some serious On Demand time.  Loved the musical tributes {cause I'm a sucker for musical theatre} but have to wonder if everyone other than the cast of Les Mis was a little over it.  I mean it's the Oscars, not the Tonys.  Happy Monday friends!



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