Friday, February 15, 2013

Day of Love

How did everyone enjoy the day of love?  Did someone send you flowers?  Did you eat lots of chocolates?  I saw on Instagram a Vday celebration of Chick-fil-a, a bottle of wine and a puzzle at home.  My kind of night. J
My day of love was sweet.  Spent it with my two favorite guys and a lovely head cold {boo being sick}.  Was supposed to go to breakfast with B but chose sleep over a date with my main man.  Managed to pull off all of G’s valentines {thank you Pinterest!}, but alas that fabulous homemade treat for his party did not get baked {I was so going for the pies!}.  Thanks to a quick trip to Donut Den, some happy toddlers would be sinking their teeth into pink frosted and sprinkled donuts.  G’s party was so cute, and he got some great valentines.  We made it home in time to whip up a salad and caprese bites to take to our potluck Valentine’s party with friends {so the way to go!}.  It was so fun catching up with friends and watching all the babes play.  I am so hoping this becomes an annual tradition.  We got home and welcomed MeMo who is in town for the weekend.  Thankfully she was keeping the little man today, so B and I headed out this morning for our overdue Valentine’s breakfast date.  It was so nice to have time just to ourselves and the perfect way to start the day.  I think my gift was a hit too!  You have to check out Datevitation.  I just love these coupon books and cannot wait to have B redeem them.  Now just ready to make it through this day and relax this weekend.  See you Monday! 




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