Monday, February 4, 2013

Scenes from the weekend...

Happy Monday!  Here's hoping your weekend was as relaxing as mine.  Hanging with my boys, lounging and enjoying G's first snow.  It doesn't get much better than that.  A little unsure about the icy cold stuff, he finally became quite the snow explorer {he was all over the place!}.  To warm up we hit up a new Cajun restaurant.  Nothing like crawfish etouffee on a cold day {even B said it was some of the best he's ever had!}.  Nashville folks be sure and check this place out. Tried a new recipe to take to the Super Bowl party {recipe to come tomorrow}.  These little BCT tartlets {bacon cheese tomato} were quite the hit {thanks, Mom, for the recipe!}.  Enjoyed the game but have to say the highlight was of course Beyonce. What a show!  B was in awe of how in awe all the girls at the party were.  I guess the guys just don't get the whole Destiny's Child thing.  Now if only my Monday was as showstopping as Beyonce's moves.

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