Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, friends! This was the first week in several that we were all healthy. Finally! So, here's what I'm loving this week.

1. Family pics 
We got our pictures back from our oh so talented friend and photographer, and we could not be more pleased.
I just love all the sweet and crazy moments she captured!
Will share more soon.

2. Thanksgiving
We are not traveling for Thanksgiving and will be enjoying Turkey Day just our little family of four.
I am so torn on what to do foodwise.
Debating whether or not to cook just for us or if we should indulge in the goodness of the buffet at Puckett's.
Anyone else enjoying a small holiday?
What are you cooking??

3. Christmas gifts for the boys
This is the first year George actually understands the concept of Santa Claus and is able to tell us what he wants for Christmas.
There is only one thing on his list though.
A really big drum set, as he says.
Am I crazy for getting him this??
Our house will never be quiet again.

4. Holiday dresses
I'm getting so excited for all the holiday parties and soirees coming up!
Thinking I need a new frock and loving this one!

5. Birthday celebration
Yesterday was the big 3-3 for me, and I shared this pic on Instagram last night.
It cracks me up because it is real life.
Jude literally scarfed down his cupcake in one bite before we could even snap the shot, and George was already asking for a bite of mine!
Life with these two keeps me feeling forever young!

Happy weekend!


  1. Love your family photo! Our family pictures came in too!! Happy Mail Day!

    And I say YES I othe drums and that adorable Little Black Dress. Happy 33!

  2. Gorgeous family photo! You guys could be in a magazine! I really wish we could have a small holiday once, but we have so much family in our area that that will probably never happen for us. I would probably make something for dessert and go out for the meal! Save yourself all that trouble and shopping :)

  3. Your family photos are gorgeous! I'm hoping we wil be able to schedule a family session soon! And happy birthday, hope your day was wonderful!