Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Twelve Months of Baby Jude!

Happy birthday, Jude! Cannot believe it has been one year since you entered this world. Our lives were so richly blessed twelve months ago when you arrived, and it has been a joy each day since. There have certainly been days better than others, and I laugh thinking back to how hard I thought "two under two" was. Little did I know it just gets harder! Ha. But it's the best kind of work, because watching you grow and develop your little personality is the greatest gift. You have seriously been the best baby and make my life easier. You have been my little chill baby and just go with the flow as we keep up with your brother's crazy antics. It is my prayer on this first birthday that you know just how loved you are. I never knew my heart was so big until I met you. You fill it and make your momma oh so happy. Here's hoping you just learn to snuggle in this second year of life you busy little thing you! Much love my little man!


  1. Thanks friend! Don't blink, it'll be Ben before you know it! ;)