Thursday, August 21, 2014

I get to...

The other day I was having one of those days. You know the kind. The kind where at 3:00 in the afternoon I had still not showered, was wearing workout clothes but had not actually worked out and was schlepping the boys in the car to quickly get to swim lessons. G and J then proceeded to play their new favorite game of who can scream the loudest the entire drive there {they think they are hilarious}. As we arrived late and frantic I began the schlepping process again of throwing everything in the pool bag, popping the stroller out and managing to get both boys up to the pool in once piece. Not going to lie, the negative thoughts started flooding my head. "I can't believe I have to this everyday." I won't share the other ones, but let's just say they quickly got real ugly folks. We're talking the "I have to do everything" type thoughts, which are dangerous.

I was quickly put in my place and convicted though as the child whose lesson was after G's pulled up with her grandmother. They started walking up when another car pulled in and a well-dressed, beautifully put together woman got out and started running up to the pool. The little girl turned and squealed with delight, "Mommy! Mommy!" to which the woman equally squealed with pure joy, "I'm here! I'm here! I get to watch you today!"

Oh man. Tears almost started rolling down my face immediately. Here was this obviously working mother who managed to break away from the office and find room in her schedule to come and watch her daughter's ten minute swim lesson. And she could not have been more excited. Sure I was jealous of the fact she appeared showered, was wearing a nice dress and probably had enjoyed lots of adult conversation that day, but she was probably envious of me that I was able to be at swim lessons each day. Now don't get me wrong, I know the grass is always greener on the other side and we all have different perspectives, but she reminded me of what a gift I have been given being able to stay home with my boys. Sure there are hard days. Monotonous days. Crazy days. But they are days with my babies who are all too quickly becoming little men. It hit me, how much easier {and joy-filled} my days would be if I approached them with more of a "I get to" attitude instead of a "I have to" attitude.

So here's hoping "I get to. I get to." is going through my head today as I face each and every tantrum, diaper change, celebration, timeout, hug, snuggle and cuddle with my crazy crew.


  1. this is a great reminder, as the grass is always greener! you are so lucky you get to spend time with your boys every day because as we all know as mothers, this time goes by so fast and we'll never get it back! what sweet sweet boys you have, too!

  2. Gosh, I have SO been there. There have even been times that I've wished I were still working. What a nice way to be reminded of how lucky we are to get to be there for our children all the time. :)

  3. What an amazing's so easy to think of parenthood as a feels like that sometimes! But we GET to parents. WOW! Thanks for the reality check!!! :)