Monday, August 18, 2014

Scenes from the weekend...

Happy Monday friends! Here's hoping you all enjoyed a lovely weekend. My boys and I had some mother son bonding time this weekend while B hung with his friends at the lake for their fantasy football draft. Oh if I could just think of something that would require all my girlfriends and me to check out for an entire weekend... We spent the first part of the weekend wrapping up our summer colds and wiping noses. Not ashamed to admit Friday night I totally threw in the towel and after I got the boys down, curled up on the couch with some pizza, red wine and the Real Housewives. Luckily Saturday was a new day and we ventured out to a birthday party and lunch with friends. Love my boys, but we were more than excited to welcome Dada home Sunday morning. Pancake breakfast on the porch and playing in the rain made for the perfect lazy morning. While the boys napped, I snuck out to celebrate a friend and her precious babe on the way at the sweetest sprinkle. My lovely girl time was cut short though as I had to run home to pick up my boys for our Chuck E. Cheese date. That's right, G managed to get ten kind balls, so we ventured out to the germ-infested, smelly playland. Let me just say, I've already started talking up going out for ice cream as his next "Caught you being kind!" reward. Fingers crossed that was our last visit to Chuck E. Cheese. We tried to salvage the night with some Mexican, but dining out with my little J-Max is insane! He grabs everything and even pushes the table! We managed to quickly dine and get home to put the boys down, pour a glass of wine and watch the Season 2 House of Cards finale. Whoa {if you're not watching this show, start now!}. Ended up being the perfect end to our weekend.

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  1. Seriously...can't we create something we we can go watch marathons of RHOOC or something with our girlfriends for the weekend? The guys would think we are crazy!! Your dining experience sounds oddly similar to our life...we have resorted to the iPad so we can enjoy a few dining out experiences. :)