Monday, February 16, 2015

Scenes from the weekend...

Happy Monday and happy Presidents' Day, friends! We enjoyed the loveliest of weekends and luckily it's not over yet. B is off work today and home snuggled up with us during our winter storm. The boys are hoping for some sledding, but B and I are just enjoying the lounging!

Did everyone celebrate all their loves this Valentine's Day? I know some may not be fans of the holiday and think it's cheesy and overrated, but I'm all about celebrating all those that I love. My hubs, my boys, my family and friends. And that we did!

Started the celebration with our favorites of course. Donuts! In an effort to be more festive I managed to pull off the donut arrows. So easy! Paper straws, pre-cut hearts and store bought donuts. The boys loved their new Valentine books and Babiators! Once they were good and sugared up {I stopped counting how many donuts they ate!} a dance party ensued. I have to say there truly is no greater gift to a mama than watching your little ones light up with joy.

Loved spending the day with our little men but put them to bed and welcomed some of our favorite friends over for an adults only "Perfect Pair" dinner. Our signature cocktail was a hit, and the feast was fabulous {switched up the dessert and will post the yummiest recipe this week}. I have to say the most fun was snapping pics with our makeshift photo wall {love this camera!} and laughing inappropriately at Cards Against Humanity. I love our friends so much and was thankful B and I could share this holiday with them.


  1. Such cute pics, your boys are adorable!!!!! Xo

  2. this party is absolutely too cute for words... and no i'm not shocked because you're the best hostess!!! p.s. i need to find those milk jugs... help?????

  3. We are all about sharing Valentine's with friends! I can't wait until Presley is more aware of holidays so we can really celebrate!

  4. Your party looks like so much fun! I love cards against humanity!