Friday, February 13, 2015

Five on Friday

{ONE} Valentine Breakfast --   So excited for Valentine's Day! Thinking these donut hole arrows will be the perfect breakfast treat for my little men {and me!}. We love us some donuts and they are super easy. As much as I would love to whip up some fancy waffles or French toast, it's just not happening these days.

{TWO} Valentine DIY -- I love homemade Valentines and am all about a DIY. Found these adorable stickers and goofy glasses on the dollar aisle at Target, came up with some puns and voila! Easy homemade Valentines for the boys. Their school party was yesterday, and they loved passing them out to all their friends.

{THREE} Valentine Cookies -- I had such high hopes of really whipping up something nice for the boys' teachers {we absolutely adore them!}, but alas pink eye took over our house earlier this week so we were just happy to make it to the party. A quick run to one of my favorite bakeries, and I snagged these darling cookies. Packaged them up in cute bags with ribbon and a heart tag and teacher gifts were done. I have to say these were probably way better than anything I would have attempted to make.

{FOUR} What to wear -- I finally broke down this week and busted out my maternity pants. The problem is I have no tops. My regular tops are all a little too snug and the maternity ones just look silly. So sadly I've been wearing this top on repeat. Like all the time. Switching up necklaces and scarves, but it's getting old. I just might have to rock this Saturday night considering I have nothing else. Time to break down and get some bigger tops!

{FIVE} Love from my little man -- Both boys made B and I Valentines at their school earlier this week to give us yesterday after their party, but sweet George had an extra something for me. His teachers said he insisted on making this Valentine for his mom yesterday. They were playing band, but he said he had to finish. And if you know my son and his love of music, you know that was a sacrifice! He was so proud to give me his Valentine and even said, "I put ribbon on it just for you! Do you love it?" Oh how I love that little man.


  1. Those donut hole arrows are the cutest thing, as well as everything else you posted! :)

  2. LOVE those sticker and shades Valentine's - very cute ideas, friend!! And oops, I totally forgot a v-day gift for his teacher. Next year... next year.

    Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! XO.