Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday

{ONE} Fancy Toast -- I'm a huge fan of toast. Avocado toast and cinnamon toast have to be my favorites but came across these fancy toast options the other day and am dying to try. Considering we've been snowed in all week, I've been eating quite a bit of soup and toast!

{TWO} Snowman pancakes -- In addition to toast, many {too many!} carbs have been consumed this week. What is it about being snowed in that makes you just want to eat? And not a salad! In an attempt to fight off the sheer boredom from being cooped up for five days straight, we made these snowman pancakes. The boys loved decorating their snowmen and definitely consumed more chocolate chips than pancakes!

{THREE} Snow fun --  As stir crazy as I have been this week, I have to say seeing the boys smiles in the snow has made up for it. These boys have had more fun sledding, building snowmen and throwing snowballs. Makes it all worth it! Loved documenting it all with my new favorite camera.

{FOUR} Beach bound -- This winter storm has us dreaming of the beach! We love Rosemary Beach and are going in May as a last hurrah before Baby #3 arrives. We did this with right before Jude arrived, and it was one of my favorite trips. Looking forward to our last vacation as a family of four and soaking up some sweet time with my boys. Oh and soaking up plenty of sun! Can we go now??

{FIVE} Oscars -- Who is excited for the Oscars this weekend?? Pre-kids, I was all about them. I usually had seen all the films and either hosted a watch party or attended one. Sadly this year I've only seen American Sniper and will probably just watch in pajamas, but if you're looking to host a soiree, this printable ballot would be perfect. Here's looking forward to seeing what everyone is wearing!


  1. I've barely seen any Oscar movies either which I'm sad about! I have seen American Sniper but that's all.

  2. Okay I admit it was a little weird hearing you say last weekend as a family of 4. So there will be 5 of you? When did we get old enough to have big families? LOVE IT. Happy weekend friend.

  3. those are the prettiest pieces of toast that i have ever seen! hoping to try soon- thank you for sharing!

  4. Toast is my downfall. I don't dare eat it while snowed in...I might never stop :) I am not really a beach girl, but winter definitely has me dreaming in that direction!

  5. Looking at that list of Oscar nominees makes me so sad! Of the Best Pic nominees I've only seen one and only 3 of all the movies with actors / etc nominated! Crazy! I know this has so much to do with having kids but I also wonder if there just were not as many good movies this year?

    Mmm avocado toast is one of my favorites too! The strawberry toast looks beautiful! Have a great weekend!