Monday, January 26, 2015

Scenes from the weekend...

What a weekend. It was our first weekend back since our Texas road trip, and as tempted as we were to just veg, we were so productive. We did manage to have a little fun when we woke up Saturday morning to snow! Nothing much but for our bubs it was was everything. They loved playing in it and making snow angels and were pretty disappointed at how quickly it melted. The rest of the weekend was spent officially transitioning G's room into his big boy room. He could not have been more excited to help B put together all the furniture and lay out all the blankets and pillows. B and I rewarded ourselves with a movie date night Saturday and saw American Sniper. Wow. How amazing is Bradley Cooper?? Sunday night was G's first night in the big boy bed, and I am happy to report it went so much better than I ever could have anticipated. He went down like normal {"I gotta tell you the last thing," "tell me the last story," "I need the last sip of water"} which took a few minutes, but then he was out, and we did not hear from him until 7:30 this morning. He also never got out of the bed! Here's hoping this continues!

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