Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Easy Dinner Party Menu

I love to entertain, but when it comes to dinner parties I tend to get overwhelmed with what to serve. I want to make sure it is something my guests will enjoy but also something that is not too ambitious. Oh and then timing everything out just right so we are eating hot food is always a priority. Ha! Luckily I think I found the perfect menu. It wowed our guests and didn't have me tied to the kitchen.

Appetizer: Baked Brie Bites -- These are amazing, but let's be honest. Isn't anything with Brie in it?? And you can't go wrong with fillo shell apps. They are my go-to! Note I used raspberry pepper jelly instead of cranberry sauce for an added kick.

Side Dish: Roasted Squash and Parsnips with Maple Syrup Glaze and Marcona Almonds -- So this is officially my new favorite dish. My aunt made it for Christmas dinner, and it was the hit of our feast. She is quite the foodie and chef extraordinaire, so I was little apprehensive to see this recipe for fear it would fall under my "too ambitious" category. Luckily, it is super easy! That is if you do like me and buy pre-chopped squash.

Main dish: Crockpot Brown Sugar Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloin -- My mom made this the other night and said everyone just raved about how good it was. Decided to give it a try, and it was a hit with our friends as well. It could not have been easier to make! And B {who hates leftovers} actually made sliders the next day with what little was left.

The best part of this menu {aside from how amazing everything tastes!} is that it frees you up from having to work when your guests arrive. The appetizers were done right before they got there, and the meat and squash were already cooking. I threw some Brussels sprouts in a skillet and cooked for a few minutes before we were ready to eat, and our friends brought the salad and dessert. An effortless night of entertaining that was a huge success. Tasty food and even better conversation is always a success in my book! So do share, what is your go-to dinner party menu?

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