Friday, January 16, 2015

Five on Friday

{ONE} Pantry Organization -- Ever since we moved last March, I have been dying to get my pantry in order. While in Dallas this week I hit up Ikea and stocked up on glass canisters and plastic bins. Cannot wait to get home and get my pantry looking good. Between G and J's big boys room and this, I'm going to be busy!

{TWO} Threshold Bowls -- My mom and I spotted these at Target last weekend, and she stocked up. They remind me so much of Anthropologie. I needed a little hostess gift for my friend in Austin who let us stay with her this week and knew these would be perfect. They have so many options and the serving uses are endless!

{THREE} Valentine Tattoos -- How fun are these custom temporary tattoos?? These gals are some of my favorites, and is this not such a unique Valentine? The boys would be all over these!

{FOUR} Gold Pinboard -- I keep seeing this fabulous little pinboard popping up all over blogs and Instagram, and I just love it. Thinking I need this for above the desk in our guest room.

{FIVE} Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Salad -- In an effort to cook more and try new recipes, this dish has been added to my must-make list. And the added kalamata olives? Yes please!


  1. you are nesting my dear!!!! come on over my way once you get done with your
    love those bowls!!!

  2. Love that pantry pin and those bowls are soooooo pretty!

  3. Those bowls are so pretty! I eye them every time I'm in Target lol

  4. I'm dragging the husband to Ikea this weekend for that exact same thing-- we moved in mid-November to our first house and I'm completely obsessed with organizing and putting everything in its pretty new place! Love those Threshold bowls, too-- I grabbed a couple for myself to use for jewelry holders near the kitchen and bathroom sinks!

  5. That salad looks delicious! I need to start making healthier choices for me and the kid. My hubby isn't too fond of green veggies. *rolls eyes*

    Ruling the Ortiz Kingdom

  6. I love how those pantry organizers look... I dream of a home that could feature something like that. *Sigh*, we are so not there.

  7. Love the gold pinboard. And I finally gave in and reorganized our pantry last week. It was truly a jungle in there and I dislike not being able to find things in the kitchen.