Wednesday, November 21, 2012

You say it's your birthday...

Ah the big 3-1!  I made it another year and was happy to celebrate my birthday yesterday with my two favorite guys, B and G.  Birthdays are so funny to me.  It seems the older I get, the less important they become {maybe it's just a denial of aging}.  However I must admit the little perks of birthdays still get me.  Simple gestures from co-workers {donuts!}, Facebook posts, text messages, cards and emails from my favorite retailers offering me 15% {love some birthday shopping}.  When B asked me what I wanted to do this year, my answer was just stay in, lay low, drink some wine and hang with my boys {our little shopping trip to Nordstrom was nice too!}.  The best gift though, this kid's laughter.  Truly better than any sweet treat, wine or present.

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