Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Scenes from the weekend...

Happy Tuesday to all! Did everyone have a nice weekend? Ours flew by as it was tri-time in our house. B's big weekend was finally here. All his training {all three weeks of it!} paid off. We laid low Friday night so B could get a good night's rest knowing he probably wouldn't sleep Saturday night. The next day we all went downtown for pre-race registration and orientation. Lots of first-timers so B was not alone. Sunday morning we were up at 5am and headed back downtown. I teared up {wouldn’t be the last time that day} driving over the bridge looking down at all the racers eagerly awaiting the plunge into the Cumberland {yuck!}.  I was just so proud of B that he was so committed to this.  G and I managed to park and get down to the river in time to see him run out and to his first transition.  Over-emotional me could not even cheer for him because I was so choked up {who knew triathlons were so moving!}.  Luckily by the time he biked back for his second transition I was more composed, and G and I were able to yell and cheer him on.  The final stop was the finish line, and I have to tell you I was so inspired and pumped up by the atmosphere I was almost ready to sign up to tri {but of course that was a fleeting moment!}.  The music was blaring, G and I were dancing and ready to see our guy cross the finish line.  I was just so moved by the sense of community from all the spectators {we were sporting our homemade shirts, but would you believe I managed to leave the poster we made at home?}.  People were cheering for racers they didn’t even know and it was really inspiring.  I just watched each racer cross that finish line and hear their name announced and wondered what was their story?  Who were they racing for?  What had they overcome?  What really pulled at my heartstrings were two individuals racing.  One gentleman was blind, and the other was a paraplegic.  Watching their determination and support from those accompanying them…oh I was a mess!  Again, made me want to sign up {but then remembered I don’t run!}.  G and I cheered B across, and he even managed to beat his goal time!  I was just so proud of him.  We celebrated with brunch at Jackson’s and then headed home to rest before the post-race BBQ with friends.  We enjoyed some incredible food, libations and fellowship and ended the night reliving the race.  I know I sounded like a broken record, but I just kept telling B how proud I was of him.  And I’m still saying it… J

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