Monday, July 2, 2012

Scenes from the weekend...

So much for my plans of baking, shopping and resting.  No baking was done {the only cooking involved my go-to summer salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, basil and mozzarella}.  The only shopping was stocking up on Costco goodies {although I did snag some really fun Stephanie Johnson make-upbags}.  And resting definitely did not take place {no sleeping in as B awoke at 5:30am for his triathlon training but at least brought home my favorite hazelnut coffee}.  The good news from the weekend was that we got two date nights.  One with the boy and one without.  Alas, I’ll spare you with no pic of my fries and ranch from our family date night at Jackson’s Friday.  Saturday we had the pleasure of attending an evening with Earl Klugh {at the incredible home of Ken Levitan} hosted by the Country MusicHall of Fame.  B was drooling at the talent of this man.  I was drooling over the dessert table.  Ha!  Now just counting down these final two work days before we hit the road for our vacation.  Wednesday cannot get here fast enough!

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