Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rosemary Beach Vacation

A friend once said, "A vacation with kids is really just a change in location." I laugh because that was our initial thought at the start of our beach trip. Luckily after getting settled that first day the rest of the trip was absolute bliss. I cannot believe it's been several weeks since we ventured down 30A to Rosemary Beach. It seems like just yesterday, and we are already counting down the days until we go back in September {with three, three and under!}.

As soon as we arrived we put on our suits and headed down to the beach. There is something truly magical about watching your kids take in the sights and sounds of the ocean that just never gets old. It's crazy to think Jude wasn't even walking on our last trip to Rosemary back in October, but he certainly made up for lost time. Our boys were all about some sand and loved running around, building sandcastles and even eating plenty of it {that would be Jude!}. We made it back to the house that first night and unpacked groceries, got settled, put the boys down and finally took a deep breath and relaxed on our porch just B and me. Finally it felt like vacation.

The next morning we were up bright and early for a trip to the Donut Truck. Always a hit with our crew! I do have to admit the boys were not as into the donuts as they usually are because they could not wait to splish splash on the fountain pad in Alys. This place became a bigger hit than the actual beach this trip. I wasn't complaining because I propped my preggers self in a chair and watched the boys just splash around and run free on the grassy field. It really is our happy place. Stopped back by the house to pack a picnic lunch and we were back down at the beach. As much as I would have loved to just sit back, read a mag and catch some rays, I really did have the best time playing with the boys. Watching them filled with such joy just made this mama's heart grow!

After a full day at the beach and some alone time for me at the pool while the boys napped {thank you B!}, we showered and headed out for some family pics before dinner at one of our favorites. Of course we had to bribe the boys with sno cones and lollipops from Sugar Shak! The boys enjoyed their sweet treats, and B and I were finally ready for some Mexican from La Cocina. As much as I was wishing my marg was not virgin, it still hit the spot. We dined outside and the boys were perfect {which is not always the case!}. B and I laughed looking over at a table next to us with a family whose kids were in high school and thought to ourselves, that will be us before we know it! Even though life with toddlers is often hectic and chaotic, it is still so sweet and a time we are trying to savor.

More beach time, more biking {for B and the boys!} and more splash pad playing filled our days. I love that the boys play so hard and then sleep even harder. B and I loved our nights to ourselves and even managed to snag a babysitter one night so we could have a date night out. Started at another favorite of ours, George's, and per usual, it did not disappoint. As tasty as the seafood was, the heirloom tomato watermelon caprese was my favorite! After dinner we strolled around Rosemary and ended up at the Pearl's rooftop bar Havana for cocktails for B and dessert for me. The perfect nightcap to a lovely date.

We couldn't bid farewell to our favorite beach destination without a trip to the Donut Hole. It was the perfect end to our vacation, and we certainly filled our bellies for the long drive home. As we drove back to Nashville, I kept smiling to myself thinking what a gift those five days, just the four of us, were and how much fun we had with our two little men. I then had to grin a little bigger wondering how it will be when we go back in just a few months with Baby #3!


  1. Y'all are just the cutest! What a fun vacay!

  2. This looks BEYOND fun. Take me with you in sept? Because 5 under 4 sounds way more hard core ;)

  3. i want ALL the food... NOW!!!! those huge pancakes are calling my name... and yes, i will be celebrating donut day ALL day.. and maybe tomorrow, too!!

  4. What a fun trip!! I'd love to go there one day :)

  5. What a beautiful and fun trip! I'm adding Rosemary Beach to our list of places to visit, it looks gorgeous! Xo, Stephanie

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