Friday, June 19, 2015

Five on Friday -- Fourth Goodies, Outdoor Living and Life Lately

{ONE} Fourth of July Goodies -- I love the Fourth of July and love decorating and entertaining in all things red, white and blue. Considering we will most likely just be coming home from the hospital with a newborn that weekend, I've been trying to stock up on some patriotic goodies ahead of time. Came across these darling candy favors that I know the boys would love. Hoping to muster up some energy to whip these up soon!

{TWO} Outdoor Living -- We have been in full nesting mode this last week realizing baby could come any day now. I have been checking so much off the to-do list, and it feels so good! One project that's almost done is our new deck and screened in porch. We love our covered porch but thought screening it in and adding a deck would make it even more enjoyable. Luckily we are not doing this ourselves {we are so not handy!}, but I do need to figure out how we will decorate our new space. Hoping to make the porch a peaceful, cozy retreat and add some new outdoor dining and entertaining furniture for the deck. Stay tuned for updates!

{THREE} Casper -- Anyone out there have a Casper mattress?? We have been in desperate need of a new mattress, and friends have been raving about Casper. So we decided to give it a whirl. This bad boy arrived yesterday along with our new bed, so we will be testing it out tonight. Oh how I am in need of a good night of sleep. Sadly I don't think a new mattress or bed will help with my middle of the night, multiple trips to the bathroom!

{FOUR} My little troopers -- My little men have been such troopers these last few weeks as I have been slowly becoming more and more on "couch rest" as I like to call it. It is so hard for me to get around and play on the floor with them or outside like I wish I could. And more often than not we are declining play dates because I am physically too pooped to keep up with both of them out tin the wild! Thankfully school two days a week provides good entertainment, and this week G got to participate in his first ever Vacation Bible School. The first two days he was a little unsure. It was a Mountain theme about conquering mountains with God's power. Well of course my literal little guy was so worried he was going to have to actually climb a mountain! Luckily he was loving VBS and dancing and singing in no time at all. The other benefit of G going to VBS was Jude and I got some one on one time, which never happens! We ran errands and played and he was just the sweetest thing ever. Made me appreciate how easy life was with just one. Crazy to think we are about to have three!

{FIVE} Dad/Husband of the Year -- I have to brag on the hubs. As mentioned above I've been a little worthless these last few weeks. B has been a rock star! They enjoyed "boys weekend" last weekend while I went on an overnight retreat with my Bible study gals to a friend's farm. It was so relaxing and so nice! B entertained the boys by ordering pizza {G's favorite thing to do!} and taking them fishing the next morning. George caught two fish and Jude jumped in the pond. The rest of the weekend B let me sleep and helped with all the projects my nesting mode was kicking into high gear. Each afternoon he's been coming home early to take the boys to the park, feed them dinner and give them a bath all so I can have a break and rest. He is a lifesaver! We will definitely be spoiling him and loving on him this Sunday for Father's Day!


  1. Bryan sounds amazing! I want to see porch and master pictures soon friend! :) LK

  2. I'm glad that you were able to sneak away for some R&R with your girlfriends! The boys looked like they had a blast with Dad too! Can't wait to see what you end up doing with your porch, having a relaxing outdoor space would be fabulous! Xo, Stephanie