Monday, June 23, 2014

Scenes from the weekend...

Happy Monday! For once I feel like the weekend did not just completely fly by. We were in town and with not too many plans on the books. So enjoyed just relaxing. Here are a few highlights from our weekend.

*Mexican night with friends at our house Friday complete with the best {and easiest} margaritas {Just mix one can frozen limeade, one can Corona, one can Sprite, one can tequila}.

*G's first slumber party {He was much more interested in playing than slumbering}.

*Lots of pancakes!

*Celebrated the first day of summer playing outside.

*A three and a half hour nap for the boys {despite chocolate chip pancakes} Sunday afternoon which meant three and a half hours of Breaking Bad for B and me. We're almost finished!

*And per usual, plenty of park time! 


  1. G's first slumber party! How fun! and brave :) I'll have to try that marg recipe! Hooray for 3 1/2 hour naps from both boys. When that happens I spend the whole nap thinking he's going to wake up any second, and I feel like I won the lottery!

  2. A 3.5 hour nap sounds delightful! Teach me your ways!!