Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jude's Baptism Weekend

Well like most things in my life these days, this post is way overdue! A few weeks ago we celebrated sweet Baby Jude's baptism. My parents and B's mom all came in town, and we had just the best time. We invited our small group and their kiddos over Saturday night to celebrate with dinner and then everyone came to church Sunday to see our little guy baptized. It was such a special weekend filled with love.

This little man has my heart!

My mom brought these cookies from the most incredible bakery in Dallas.
They are obviously adorable but were even tastier!

Could not have hosted without my mom!
She is the best help...just wish she lived here.

I have no words for this community of friends.
These five families {we were missing one!} have been a small group for five years {long before kiddos!} and have experienced, enjoyed and endured trials and joys together.
Their support and faith mean the world to B and me, and we are so thankful to have them in our lives.

Jude's Godparents are our amazing friends Haley and Andrew.
Could go on and on about these two.
So thankful to have them in our lives and our son's.

G's best gal Lil.

Poppa and Oma sure love these boys!

I had everyone write a prayer or blessing to Jude.
Cannot wait for him to read these one day and know how much he is loved.

Found these potted seeds in the shape of a cross and knew they were the perfect gift for our friends and family to say thanks for "planting the seeds" of love and faith to help Jude grow.

These are some of my favorite pics seeing my sweet George praying over his baby brother.

Jude loves his MeMo!

Such a special time celebrating one special boy.

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  1. Looks like an amazing, special day filled with lots of love! Happy Baptism little Jude! xo LK