Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday

Cheers to the weekend! Luckily for me this week flew by. So looking forward to being in town this weekend and relaxing and lounging with my boys. Here's what I'm loving this week!

1. This guy
If you follow me on Instagram, you saw on Monday that B and I celebrated the ten year anniversary of our first date.
I completely forgot, but he remembered and arranged a babysitter and surprise date.
We had the best time reminiscing about that night ten years ago.
Cheers to a blind date actually working out!

Can I just tell you what a ball G would have with this??
Might have to host one soon.

You probably know Natasha from her darling blog, but have you checked out her new online shop?
She's having a fabulous Fourth of July sale!
I'm loving the goodies I snagged for the boys!

4. My boys
And speaking of my boys, I cannot get over how big they are!
My sweet friend took some pics for a Father's Day surprise for B.
They turned out great and will post the rest soon!

Realizing how big the boys are {particularly Jude!} and that I no longer have the excuse of "I just had a baby," I finally am working out again.
It's been way too long, and my workout wardrobe shows it.
Looking for some new duds and excited to try some of Zella's latest offerings.

Happy Friday, friends!


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  2. Happy first date anniversary!

  3. That is so incredibly sweet of your husband! And I am pretty sure I have said this to you before (but just in case I haven't) you have the best smile. Every time I see it on Instagram it's my first thought!

  4. I've heard so many great things about Zella's workout tops! Not bad prices either :)
    And I have to admit I am totally jealous of your ten year date-versary! I don't think my husband would everrrr remember something like that. He actually forgot our wedding date the other day when someone at a party asked him! hahah

  5. could you be any sweeter?? thank you thank you so much for mentioning me today friend...i cannot wait to see the boys in their new swim trunks and tees!!! million times thanks :)