Friday, April 19, 2013

Let's get organized

Thank you all so much for your support after yesterday's post.  I am just so touched by all the kind words and advice received from comments here, text messages and Facebook comments.  You ladies have some fabulous ideas on my "new normal" as a stay at home mom {still working on a better title}!
Happy Friday!  Any big plans for the weekend?  My plans include getting our house organized.  Last weekend was all about cleaning, but now I am ready to really get our house in order.  We are talking purging and cleansing and reorganizing.  I see many trips with many bags to Goodwill in our future!  Call it my nesting instinct, but converting a guest room into a nursery and a man cave into a play room has become my obsession.  G is going to stay in school for a couple weeks after my last day so I can focus on some of these projects, but here's hoping I can at least get started this weekend.  Here's some inspiration I have found on Pinterest.
Are you working on any reorganization projects?
Any tips?

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