Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Let's play dress-up!

I love me some Halloween.  Not so much the goth and gore side of it, rather the costumes and candy.  Sadly though, I have not dressed up since college.  Well now with the little man here, I am ready to bring back Halloween!
We are hosting a costume party tomorrow night, and I am SO excited.  Some of our friends were a little hesitant about dressing up, but now it has turned into an all-out competition.  Rumor has it, people are bringing it.

So of course I want us to have the best costume.  I’m all about a cleverly themed costume.  We went back and forth.  My idea {which I still think is SO good} was to go as Pat the Bunny.

I read this to G all the time and thought it would be hysterical for B to go as Paul, me as Judy and G as the bunny.  Funny, right?  B did not think so.  He had to ask me what Pat the Bunny was {hello, do you read to our son?}.

So, his big idea?  Eastbound and Down.

He would go as Kenny Powers, I as April and G as Toby.  Somewhat funny, yes, but I was still not convinced.  Thankfully B came through and came up with an idea we both agreed upon!  I think it will be perfect except for one slight issue.  Since we waited so long to decide on our theme, I didn’t order G’s costume until Sunday.  Tracking says it won’t arrive until 8pm Wednesday!  Looks like G might be having a wardrobe change halfway through the party.  Here’s hoping it gets here in time!
Still not sure what you’re going as?  Check out these clever ideas. I just love them and love that they are totally doable from stuff you already own.  Don't you just love waiting to the last minute?

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