Friday, November 18, 2011

I have the best hubby ever.

So my big 3-0 is Sunday, and I have not exactly been looking forward to it. Considering 30 is such a big birthday, and I am as big as a house, unable to travel or partake in adult beverages, I have not been expecting too much.  Plus, B has to take the Series 66 on Tuesday, so he informed me several weeks ago it would be a weekend of cramming and non-stop studying.  Oh fun.  Little did I know what this guy was up to...

He told me he could take a study break tonight, and we would go for a nice romantic dinner, just the two of us.  However, walking into Valentino's I was shocked to find all our friends yelling, "Surprise!"

B is such a good actor!  I had no clue...hence no make-up. :)  

We enjoyed an Italian feast and fabulous fellowship.

Best gnocchi ever!

And delicious dessert from The Cupcake Collection.  Yum!

What a wonderful start to my 30th birthday weekend.  I am truly blessed to have such an amazing group of friends here in Nashville and love my sweet husband for planning such a special surprise.

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