Friday, November 4, 2011

Pinterest Treats!

So we all know Pinterest is taking over the world.  I mean who do you know that is not just obsessed with it?  I love that you can find just about anything and everything on it, but I must say my favorite are the yummy treats.  It is not good that I peruse it late at night and then find myself wanting to eat s'mores at 11pm.  Can I blame pregnancy? :)

Anyway, so here is what I am loving on Pinterest right now!

My friend Jessica made these for my baby shower last weekend and let me just say thank goodness there were other people present otherwise I would have eaten the entire tray of these.  They are unbelievable!

This might be my new go-to recipe.  Seriously one of the easiest and most flavorful dishes I have made in a long time.  Cooked this for B for dinner last week and served over polenta cakes.  He was in heaven!

I made these for a baby shower at work this week and they are dangerously rich and addictive.  And the best part...only three ingredients!  SO easy!

Hope this inspired you to do a little cooking/baking this weekend...Happy Friday!

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