Friday, November 11, 2011

Feeling loved...

Well once again, I am so behind on my posts.  Not only my posts, but life in general. ;)  I feel like time is evaporating and cannot believe this baby will be here in a matter of weeks.  Yikes!  Anyone know how to make time stand still??

A couple of weeks I ventured home to Dallas for two baby showers and a fun weekend of time catching up with friends and family.  We kicked things off Friday night with a surprise 30th birthday party for my dear friend Lindsey.  She was one of the hostesses for the shower and thanks to her hubby's secretive planning skills had no clue about her party!

 She makes 30 look good! :)

Saturday morning came early as we headed off to shower #1.  My mom's sweet friends from church hosted a lovely breakfast tea shower for Baby B and me.

These ladies know me well. :)  The inspiration behind CakeWalk, cake balls from The Cake Ball Company.  Yummy!

On to shower #2!  My besties from Dallas and sweet friend Beth hosted this one.  I was so impressed with all the unique touches.  They totally went above and beyond to make it special.
Guests wrote well wishes to Baby B and then hung them with adorable owl clips.

My dear friend Laura handmade each invitation with fabric to give it that 'vintage' feel.  Each one was different and so beautiful!

Jessica has become quite the Martha Stewart and made these adorable bird cupcake toppers.  She is also the chef behind the cheesecake filled strawberries. :)

Laura and me...Love the height difference. :)  Been that way since 2nd grade!

The consensus was definitely girl...cannot wait to find out!

Beth is truly one of my most creative friends.  She is such an incredible decorator (you should see her house!) and truly went out of her way to bring all the fabulous decor from Jackson, MS to Dallas.

She came up with the clever idea of having guests make burp cloths for Baby B.

Love all the options!

I was so impressed with how talented our guests were. :)

Baby B and I were simply spoiled with such great giftage and of course, plenty of owl memorabilia. :)

Such a special day and just truly blessed for such an incredible friends and family.  Cannot wait for Baby B to arrive and meet all these wonderful people.

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