Thursday, November 17, 2011

Am I a bad mom?

My mom and mother-in-law were both in town last weekend for my Nashville shower, (What a fun, special day!  Cannot wait to show you the pics.  Again, I am truly blessed with the most amazing friends who go out of their way to make Baby B and me feel so loved) and we were non-stop trying to get the nursery ready.  The two of them often gave me a hard time and laughed because I did not want anything too 'baby' in the nursery. :)  Yes, I am aware it is a baby, and he or she will need bright, colorful and noisy things to keep them occupied, but I just get overwhelmed with all the over-the-top stuff out there.

Take for example the lounger (this is where my 'moms' really had a good laugh).  I am just not into the noisy, dangling animal, multi-colored ones (I know as I type this come two months from now I will be reposting that I went to Wal-Mart and bought a colorful, noisy lounger for $19.99 and Baby B is in heaven!).  So imagine how excited I was when I discovered the Coco Stylewood Lounger from one of my favorite blogs, Baby Mine.

I am obsessed.  Fortunately, some lovely friends in Dallas got this for Baby B, and I cannot wait to strap the little guy/gal into it.  I love that it like matches our living room furniture.  Hence my question though (and my 'moms' laughter), am I a bad mom?  Is it bad that I am thinking of room decor rather than what will entertain Baby B and be most comfortable for the little one?  Don't worry, we have plenty of cutesy, fun baby toys, blankets, bouncers, etc., but I just know that Baby B will love that he or she is rocking in style! :)

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  1. Ha Ha, I am just now reading this :) NO you are not a bad mom!!!! I was the exact same way!!! I did not like anything "cartoony". I think the lounger will be great in your living room for him to nap in or sit. When he wants to play you can give him a toy or do what I did and "break" my rule and go to Walmart to get the $20 bouncy chair with hanging colorful toys. You can get that out when you want to keep him busy.... like when you are trying to take a shower or eat something :). There will be soooooo many things you say "I will not do" and end up doing, but that is just part of having your first baby. I LOVE everything you picked out and so will Baby B.... Sorry for the "he" and "his"... just used to that because of Maddox! Love ya :)