Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Look Whoo's Having a Baby

There are so many wonderful benefits to being pregnant, but one of my favorites has been all the fun showers.  I have just been blown away by the love and support so many have shown us throughout the last few months.  One such group would be my incredible Nashville friends.  I feel beyond blessed to think that four and a half years ago we moved here knowing no one except my one sweet friend Paige who I met during a fun summer in NYC.  Little did I know the community of friends I would develop over the next few years.

These sweet friends truly pulled out the stops with an appropriately themed owl shower (my friends know me well!).

This tasted even better than it looked.  Seriously.

Was so glad to have a girls weekend with my mom and mother-in-law both in town.

Baby B was once again spoiled!

My friend Julie brought her precious son Langston who was the hit of the party!  I just pray that Baby B will be as good a baby as he is. :)

Haley and I planning out our hospital stay.  We are due six days apart!

Small group girls

To thank these fabulous friends I found these fun Kate Spade bangles that say 'Take Heart.'

The lovely hostesses (minus Paige and Lauren)
So thankful for friends with such big hearts.  Baby B and me are truly blessed.

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