Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Scenes from the weekend...

Is it really Tuesday? I blinked and yesterday just disappeared. We are in the midst of house hunting, and yesterday was all about it. So, here's how the weekend went down. G's Godmother and one of our dearest friends, Beth, was in town for a conference. She came over and loved on the boys and then we got a girls night. Whoo-hoo! Nothing better than catching up with a good girlfriend over good mojitos. Saturday was all about our little family of four. Lounged around with the boys that morning and then spent the afternoon house hunting. Note to self, only house hunt on days when G is in school. I joke, but he actually was pretty good. And considering he's going to be living in the house with us, it's nice to see how does climbing up and down the stairs and running around like a maniac. This poor house doesn't know what's coming...We rewarded the little man with a trip to the park and were so thankful for such nice weather. Oh how I wish we could go to the park everyday! Sunday we whipped up some Super Bowl treats {stay tuned for a fabulous dip recipe} and headed over to our friends' house to watch the game. I think I was more entertained just watching our little ones. So, how was your weekend?