Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Scenes from the weekend...

I'm back!  
G and I had quite the extended weekend as we were in Dallas all last week.
We took advantage of my last chance to travel before Baby #2 arrives, and I'm so glad we did.
Flying 34 weeks pregnant with an 18 month old is not exactly a cakewalk but so worth it.
My aunts and cousin were in from NYC and Baltimore, so we took full advantage of lots of family time.
Plenty of eating {got our Tex-Mex and BBQ fix}, laughing {I have the full blown pregnant girl belly chuckle} and playing {discovered my new favorite game, Bananagrams} took place.
G got a play date with his friends, and I got a girls night with some of my besties.
As much as we love Nashville, it is hard living so far away from family and friends.
I was spoiled by the time we got to spend with them all and wish we could do it more often.
My poor little man played so hard and had so much fun, but it took a toll on him our last day.
Woke up with a high fever and terrible cough which made for a not so pleasant flight home.
Thankfully his dad was there waiting for us and was able to make him feel better.
Looking forward to our next trip home...
Now to just figure out how to fly with two under two!


  1. I love the picture of him asleep in the stroller! So sweet! You look great! I love the your patterned dress. Where is it from? There nothing better than being with family--and eating lots of good food!

  2. Thanks friend! That dress is my uniform. ;) It's Target non-maternity! Sadly, I wear it everyday, so I took the little man shopping with me and think I wore him out. :)