Monday, June 10, 2013

Scenes from the weekend...

Happy Monday, friends!
Is everyone feeling refreshed and renewed from the weekend?
Or just sad it's over and already Monday.  Ha!

My weekend started off so lovely.
Dropped G at school and went antiquing with some of my favorite gals.
Fun shopping and lunch in Franklin {complete with cinnamon rolls bigger than my head for breakfast the next day}.
Got home that night and started feeling bad.
Woke up Saturday, and it hit me.
I'm 32 weeks pregnant, exhausted from chasing after an 18 month old and so uncomfortable due to my ever growing belly.
It was the first day I just finally felt it all at once and literally could not get out of bed.
We were supposed to go to a kid's birthday party and a friend's going away dinner, but sadly I was dead.
B was the best and entertained G all day with a trip to the park and the music store.
My boys played and let me sleep all day.  
It was amazing.
As much as I hated to miss all the fun activities we had planned, I'm so glad I was able to stop and just listen to my body.  
As hard as it is, you have to take it easy every now and then.
Fortunately I am feeling so much better and ready for the week ahead!


  1. Uh I am so sorry the tiredness is hitting you. I can only imagine how much harder that is with baby #2! My fellow momma friends and I always joke about how we were such babies the first time we were pregnant --naps everyday, massages, bi-weekly pedicures, sleeping in, etc.-- but with the second you probably forget you're pregnant most of the time because nothing is just about you anymore, right?

    Those cinnamon rolls look SO divine!

    1. Oh I know! What I wouldn't give for the naps, lounging and pampering from pregnancy #1!!! And yes, the cinnamon rolls were the highlight of my weekend. :)

  2. So glad you're feeling better mama! You are getting soooo close!! Miss you :)! xox

    1. Thanks friend! Will be here before we know it...Miss you too and still so bummed are trips aren't overlapping!