Monday, May 6, 2013

Scenes from the weekend...

And another week begins... Did everyone enjoy a nice weekend?  Mine certainly started a little differently than normal.  Stayed in my pajamas all day Friday and just lounged, watched the Today Show {cannot remember the last time I did that!} and messed around on Pinterest.  I told B I would give myself one day to just be completely lazy, and I have to say I certainly enjoyed it.  As much as I loved the time to myself I was ready to see my two favorite boys.  We enjoyed some family time at home Friday night.  After putting the little man down, B I enjoyed "cocktails" {La Croix for me} on the patio as we watched the storm come in.  I am so thankful for G's early bedtime because it gives B and I some much needed time to ourselves to catch up and just talk without any distractions. Saturday was another rainy, lazy day {why does it always rain on Saturday??}.  As much as I hate we couldn't get out and do anything, sometimes I am so thankful for the rain because it's a nice excuse to just relax.  We spent our Cinco de Mayo honoring sweet friends and their beautiful baby's baptism.  Fortunately they did serve Mexican.  Now I'm just ready to start my week of productivity around this house!

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  1. What a lovely weekend. It's rained here the last 5 weekends too! I'm dying to get out of the house with the little guy, but we end up staying home in our PJs all day (which isn't bad either). :)