Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just try and save room for dessert

Well sadly I'm still sorting through all our NYC pics, but I thought I'd start with our first stop when we arrived...Carnegie Deli.  I know, I know, some of you that know Manhattan are probably thinking 'touristy,' but for me I had to take B here.  It is a 'must-go' for my family.  Every trip to NYC we would always go to Carnegie Deli.  I remember being in the fifth grade and ordering a bagel with cream cheese, and it came with literally an entire block of 8 oz. cream cheese.  They are know for their portions. :)

We arrived and were shuffled back to our table which included two other couples.  It's quite the tight squeeze in the place and intimate conversations are definitely not had here. ;)  My favorite part is definitely the bowl of pickles they plop down for you to munch on as you wait.

 B took in the menu and eyed the other patrons and was a bit overwhelmed.

He settled on the turkey and cheddar...

But I was so wishing he would have gone for the Reuben!

Being the vegetarian that I am, I was quite content with my double decker grilled cheese.  Yum!

And to truly capture the New York deli experience, we had to order a potato knish.  It was amazing!

All in all a fun and filling ;) experience.

 Sadly though we did not save room for dessert. 

 How incredible does this look??
Next time!

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