Monday, September 21, 2015

Life Lately...Part One

Can you believe little Amos will be 12 weeks tomorrow? And not so little I should add! At his two month checkup he weighed in at 15 pounds 13 ounces. That's the 99th percentile and bigger than Jude was at two months. Yikes! Another big boy! Life with Amos has been so fun. I can write that now because we are finally getting back into the sweet spot. In other words we are sleeping, and I'm finally washing my hair again. Ha! Seriously though, the last twelve weeks have been a blur, and I'm so sad I couldn't get my act together enough to blog all the ups and downs. Here's a quick recap of his first four weeks!
Little man has loved his "Raffie" from day one!

We got home from the hospital two days before Fourth of July and were so excited to celebrate.
Thanks to my mom who was staying with us, we even managed to host a party!

Little man on his way to his one week checkup. All smiles!

We survived our first trip to Target and may or may not have eaten more snacks and slurpees than most.

Managed a date night out with Oma babysitting! Oh how wish she lived here. And little man even took his first bottle like a champ.

We enjoyed lots of time in the backyard, playing and bug catching.

And staring at those baby blues!

G enjoyed his first go-cart ride and putt-putt golf!

Boo-hooed as we said goodbye to Oma after two weeks. We were so sad to see her go and could not have gotten through those first couple of weeks without her.

Thankful for fabulous friends who brought us meals those first two months.

Look at him grow!

Enjoying the last few days of summer with sno-cones!

And deck lounging.

More cool sweet treats to beat the heat.

Lots of park time!

I cannot get enough of this little guy!
Stay tuned for part two!


  1. How much fun! Looks like your hands have been full but definitely full of fun and love :)

  2. You are a super mom! Hosting a party 4 days after giving birth?!

    1. Ha! Couldn't have done it without my mom!

  3. sweet Amos already weighs more than EL! hahahaha