Thursday, September 24, 2015

Life Lately... Part Two

We survived the first four weeks with Amos and started settling into a groove. August was such a memorable month and filled with fun!
Uncle Michael, Aunt Alicia, Oma and Poppa all came to visit and help celebrate Jude turning two.
Splash park fun was a must!

Hosted Jude's "Hot Dog" Party and loved watching him bounce, play and eat plenty of sugar with all his friends.
Stay tuned for pics from the party!

Took the fam to our favorite spot for brunch and bowling.

Spent plenty of time staring at these baby blues!

Jude's Godfather brought over the best birthday surprise.
The biggest donut cake you have ever seen!

Date night at Alice in Chains at the Ryman.
My ears are still ringing!

Another night out sans kids to celebrate a friend's birthday!

Took in the sights and sounds of the fair!
And ate plenty of food!

Stocking up on soccer gear for G's first practice!

I could eat him up.

Lots of snuggling with my littlest man.

First practice!
Coach told him to dribble across the field, and he immediately picked up the ball like it was basketball.
Going to be a long season!

His smile melts my heart.

More park time!

And plenty more snuggles.

This boy loves his dad!

First game!

Post game donuts!

Look at me grow!

A visit to Louisiana and fun times with the cousins.

First day of school!
So thankful for Mother's Day Out.

Oh and one more big thing has been going on lately...
I started a new business!
Stay tuned to hear more!

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