Thursday, December 4, 2014


Was Thanksgiving really a week ago?? Clearly I got caught up in the hustle and bustle of this holiday season and feel like the last week flew by. Luckily we had the best Turkey Day and Thanksgiving weekend. For the first time in forever, we did not travel and no one came here. At first I was worried we'd be sad not being with all our family, but I have to say there was something special about time just the four of us. We canceled our reservation and decided to cook. It was so fun and surprisingly relaxing to cook while watching the boys play and enjoy the parade. Maybe it was the Bloody Mary's! The perfect Thanksgiving lunch, nap by the fire and leftovers that night made for a memorable holiday. The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating a Friendsgiving with some of our favorites and picking out our Christmas tree. We went real this year and will never go artificial again. It was magical watching G pick out his favorite tree, and the house could not smell better. I am just giddy for this Christmas season!

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