Thursday, May 1, 2014

What we've been up to lately...

Happy May Day! Can you believe it's May? I feel like this year is literally flying by. I mean we have been in our house over a month now! I feel like we just moved yesterday. Maybe it's all the unpacked boxes still sitting around...

Get ready for picture overload. Since giving up the blog for Lent I realized I really missed documenting our little family's adventures. So, here's a recap of what went down the forty days I was gone.

My silly boys

G's school picture.
So big!

Little man sitting up
And getting so big!

Enjoyed green milkshakes on St. Patty's Day.

We said goodbye to our old house...
{G was over moving!}
And hello to our new house!

First night in "the new cool dude house" as George calls it.

And as promised, donuts for the first morning in said "cool dude house."

Date night at the Ryman shooting the show Nashville.

Many trips to Target

George's new favorite phrase is, "I love my fam-i-ly!"
Ditto, buddy!

Made some treats for my favorite bride-to-be...
And headed to Palm Springs for her bachelorette party!
Amazing time at the Viceroy.
The trip was much needed after that move!

The best meal ever.
If you're in Palm Springs definitely go to Workshop.

As much fun as the trip was, definitely was ready to see my sweet kiddos.
Lots of play dates in the backyard these days.
So thankful the weather is nice again!

Cool as ever.

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  1. Love it!! All exciting things going on for the Bolton fam:). And Jude is just becoming a little man :). xo