Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Two under two head to Dallas!

Other than a few hours out to attend an event Saturday night, our weekend pretty much consisted of staying in our pjs and blowing through lots of tissue thanks to constant runny noses. It's certainly no fun being sick, but it really stinks when your little ones don't feel well and you're supposed to be there for them. Moms should not be allowed to get sick.

So, since we don't have too many fun pics from the the weekend {should have snapped one Saturday night when I actually put on makeup and heels!} I thought we'd reflect on our fantastic Texas adventure from two weekends ago {that of course I'm just now posting}.

Highlights from our trip to Dallas...

Despite delayed flights there and back, we survived flying with two under two {let me just say we'll be driving at Christmas!}.

Enjoyed sitting around my childhood kitchen table eating the spoils of my parents biscuit making and pancake flipping watching as my kiddos equally loved and were loved on by their Oma and Poppa.

Spent sweet time with my Mamaw {although she goes by GeGe to my kids!} and got to introduce her to Baby Jude.

Explored the incredible new Children's Adventure Garden at the Arboretum.

Ate copious amounts of amazing Mexican food and beverages.

Caught up, laughed and reminisced with fabulous friends.

Pulled off a complete surprise celebrating 60 years of my dad with family and friends from all walks of his life.

Enjoyed extra time with family, catching up with my mother in law, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and soon to be sister-in-law {who by the way asked me to be a bridesmaid!}.

The best part of the trip though had to be my two sweet boys soaking up time with family and friends just laughing and playing...oh and sleeping! Not sure what it is about my parent's house {maybe overstimulation from all the attention and spoiling!}, but Jude slept 12 hours each night! So looking forward to going back at Christmas!

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