Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, friends!
Linking up again with the ladies to share what five things I'm loving this week.

1. 32
I celebrated my 32nd birthday this week.
I cannot believe I'm 32.
I still feel like I'm 18 {and probably act it too!}.
These two wild men {along with their dad} took me to dinner, and I cannot think of a better way to welcome in my 32nd year of life.

2. Thanksgiving grub
I love Thanksgiving food.
It is my favorite meal.
It is the one day a year when you have an excuse to eat and eat and then go back for seconds and thirds...
Enjoyed my first plate {minus the turkey...just for show!} at our Thanksgiving themed Recipe Club this week and looking forward to another helping at our Friendsgiving on Saturday.

3. Dulce Desserts
And speaking of Turkey Day...
Since we will be traveling to Louisiana I am off the hook for cooking.
However I am taking these delicious cookies from my go-to Dulce Desserts.
The best part is they actually taste as good as they look!

4. Goldie Blox
Watch this video.
It is hilarious.
And so clever.
My friend {and favorite self-dubbed "enginerd"} sent this to me, and I love it!
What an incredible company Goldie Blox is.
Go here to vote for them to appear in a Super Bowl commercial.

5. Studio Design
I may be so behind the times, but I am loving the Studio Design app.
I'm attending Alt Summit in January, and they created a fun pack of overlays.
They even hosted a contest this week on Instagram.
I am so loving dressing up all my pics.
And here's hoping I win that iPad!


  1. Happy belated birthday!! I remember when I thought 25 was like, ancient. And I'm turning 26 in two months but I still feel 18! Will we ever grow out of that mind set??
    Mmmm... I can't WAIT for Thanksgiving din din!

  2. You are looking wonderful friend! I hope I am surrounded by the same gifts in 2 years! :)