Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy three month birthday, Jude!

Look who's three months old!

Oh what a fun month this has been!
This little man is just growing like crazy, and I don't think I could love him more.
It seems like overnight he went from a tiny newborn to this lovable big boy.
Clearly he's not missing many meals!
He still loves to eat and is loving his schedule {thank you Moms on Call!}.
The end of this month brought the transition of weaning the night feeding, and surprisingly enough this little man was okay with it.
He is now sleeping from 7:30pm - 7:30am and this mama could not be more grateful 
{don't worry there are still off nights every now and then!}.
He's the happiest little guy.
He laughed for the first time this month and has been laughing ever since.
He is so ticklish!
He smiles and lights up whenever his brother plays with him.
Month three brought his first plane ride and his first trip to Oma and Poppa's.
He was the best little traveler!
Each day he grows stronger and more alert.
I am just so thankful for such a healthy, happy boy!
Looking forward to all that month four has in store.