Tuesday, September 18, 2012


You know what’s funny about social media, it’s completely subjective and self-selected.  When it comes to Facebook, Twitter and blogs, it’s all up to the author what they want to portray.  You can be that person that just focuses on the good, painting the picture that everything in your life is fabulous.  Fabulous trips, fabulous things, fabulous family.  You can be the person that tends to be too negative, only focusing and posting on breakups, sickness and disappointment.  It’s such a fine line.  I for one with my blog {because I’m the worst FB user ever} hope that I come across as authentic.  I have had several conversations in recent weeks with friends that have caused me to evaluate this.  I don’t want this blog to be a false impression of my life in any way.  My point in it is simply to celebrate everyday life.  Family, friends, trips, recipes, motherhood...whatever that looks like {the good, the bad and the poopy!}.  Please know that when it comes to motherhood especially, I love to share the sweet moments and precious pics of my little man.  I guess if I’m going to be authentic, I’ll need to start posting the pics of dirty dipes, runny noses and a face covered in carrots. Ha! Motherhood {and life for that matter!} is hard, but it truly is a gift and journey unlike any other. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world.  Since we’ve been back from the beach, life has been crazier than usual.  G started school, B is busier than ever and my new job is in overdrive with my first big event this weekend.  I cannot even find the time to go through my beach pics and upload them for the grandparents to see, and I have 557 unread messages in my Gmail account!  I’m so behind on this blog I just posted G’s seven month birthday pic.  And if I’m being really honest, we still have two suitcases that have not been unpacked from the beach {why yes, we’ve been back for nine days now}.   I say all this just to be real and authentic.  I know I personally can beat myself up when I follow other blogs of these supermoms who appear to be doing it all and wonder why I cannot.  But that’s just it.  No one is supermom, superwoman, superworker, superfriend, etc.  It’s impossible to do it all.  What is possible is just to do our best.  More importantly, do it {motherhood, work, life} with the right attitude.  In these last couple of weeks of craziness I have found myself complaining and not having the best attitude.  Shame on me!  I saw this pic on another blog, and it really convicted me.
So true! And such a good reminder for us all. I can honestly say it's working. This morning when I awoke to find the refrigerator door open {as it had been all. night. long.} and spent the morning throwing out the pre-made bottles and making new bottles that then made me late out the door, I just smiled and gave thanks for the husband that left the door open, the baby that needs the bottles and the job that forces me out the door each day. See how that works? J

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  1. isn't that the darn truth! i am so happy i came across your blog. i miss you and B and would love to meet G soon...your family is precious and hope you guys are well. i love getting updates on you all!