Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beach bums!

Well I survived my big event this weekend with big hopes to just kick back and relax Sunday.  Wrong.  I’ve been playing nurse to a sick baby.  Poor G had a virus, and let’s just say the child had more baths these last few days than he has in his entire life {how’s that for honesty?}.  In the midst of switching the many, many loads of laundry I did manage to upload some beach pics {Finally, yay!}.
So last spring we were chatting with our best friends Beth and Justin about planning a beach trip.  We want this to be an annual tradition so our boys can grow up together, and the parents can have some fun too!  We were initially thinking Rosemary, Watercolor or Seaside, and our fabulous planner Beth was on the search for the perfect spot.  But then I came across this article from StyleBlueprint and was intrigued.  I had never heard of Cape San Blas but am such a fan of the Styleblueprint gals, that I knew if they were endorsing this spot, it must be the best.  And it was.
If you are looking for lots to do, lots of people and lots of buzz, Cape San Blas is not for you.  But if you’re like me and are just wanting to get away, relax and just be with the ones you love, quaint and secluded Cape San Blas is your haven.  Beth found us the perfect spot to stay.  The beauty of Cape San Blas is there are no high rise condominiums, so you feel as though you have the place to yourself.  And we did.  Literally.  Other than one other family that was there at the beginning, we were the only ones on this beautiful beach {which by the way is covered in the most abundant and beautiful seashells I have ever seen}.  We spent our mornings sleeping in, lounging by the pool, walking the beach and watching our boys play in the saltwater for the very first time {G LOVED it!}.  We spent our evenings eating, drinking, playing cards, listening to the guys jam and talking about the good old days. J  It was such a sweet trip that I look forward to making now each year.

As soon as we arrived to Port St. Joe, last stop before Cape San Blas, I told B all I wanted was to eat some fried shrimp on the water.
DockSide Cafe was the perfect stop!
G was excited to be out of the car. :)
I was so hoping for some raw oysters, but thanks to the hurricane, no oysters anywhere!
So we went with the other house speciality, dill tuna dip.  Delicious!
It got a little bright, so G needed his shades.  Ha!
My fried shrimp...
We made it to Cape San Blas and got all settled in, but immediately went down to the beach.
This baby was like a fish to water {forgive my lame pun, but he was!}.  
He LOVED the beach!
Forgive my picture overload, but is he not the cutest beach bum ever?

Well this one is pretty cute too!
My adorable Godson, Maddox.

Family pic!
Such special friends...Love these guys!

The scenery was just breathtaking.  I truly felt so relaxed.

We literally had the place to ourselves!

We stayed in most nights, but we did venture out one night to Sunset Coastal Grill
I am a sucker for good seafood, and this place did not disappoint.  The hot crab and artichoke dip was amazing.
Attempted a boys pic but with these little ones, this was the best I got.
Shrimp and Grits.
A storm blew through the next morning, and I was secretly so thankful.  It gave us permission to just stay in bed and lounge around.  Just what I like to do on my vacation.
Afterwards, I attempted a photo shoot for G...
He just wanted to play!
So we put him back in his beach gear, and he was ready to take on the waves!

Such a fun time with such sweet memories made.  Ready to be back there now!

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