Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Don't Carpe Diem

I read this article the other day.

Don't Carpe Diem

I stumbled upon it from a Nashville photographer's blog.  She is a new mom, and I loved the honesty in her post regarding this article.  It's been floating around Facebook lately, and I see it is really resonating with lots of friends who are new moms.  Fortunately for us, George so far has been an incredible baby. He eats so well, sleeps relatively well ;) and is all around pretty happy. However, what has been so tough for me is this thought of making the most of every day and enjoying it while you can.

I hear it everywhere I go.  I was at Sweet CeCe's the other day with a friend and her new baby (George's girlfriend, Lily), and the two moms of the crazy toddlers running around the yogurt joint looked over and asked how old ours were.  We responded that our sleeping angels, calm and cozy in their carriers, were four weeks to which they responded, "Enjoy it while you can!  Go out to eat every night because soon this is what you'll be dealing with."

I can appreciate that advice and certainly have taken it.  B and I try and make the most of our little man's contentment.  We go out to eat, take walks, go to church.  I'll tell you though what is stressing me out...social media.  I truly think the woman in line at Target is no longer our issue.  Between Pinterest, Facebook and the many, many blogs I frequent, I am left already feeling inadequate as a mother.  There are hundreds of pins suggesting top ten pictures to take your baby's first month, birthday party ideas and announcements.  Facebook allows me to see all the cute, clever things random people I don't even really know are doing with their babies.  And it is pretty obvious I am not blogging enough. ;)  I so had intended to blog every day and document each and every tiny, yet monumental thing this baby did.  Seriously though.  I had to take a deep breath the other day and recognize, I am taking enough pictures of George (my iPhone can confirm that!), the announcements will get sent (just later) and surely by his first birthday party I can find the time to be creative again.  I just hope in the meantime I don't stress myself out so much trying to make the most of every day that I can truly learn to take it all in, sit back and just stare at this incredible miracle B and I created.  He truly is simply perfect.

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