Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Target Trap

We've all said it before...'What is it about Target?  I can't get out of there for under $100!'  Well apparently B and I can barely get out of there for under $300. :(  On our way home from church we decided to pop into Target for three things: dog food, mascara and coffee.  Sadly, we fell into the Target trap.  I blame this gorgeous weather.  Upon entering the trap we ventured over to the sunglasses section where B found a hip pair of aviators he felt he needed since his other ones were destroyed at a Vandy tailgate.  I of course in the meantime am over looking at all the new spring shoes.  Found two different pairs I felt I could not live without and tossed them in the cart.  'Ok, let's stay focused,' B says, as we make our way through the trap.  Don't worry the next section we pass is Games and Electronics.  B remembers how much he has been dying for the new Bond game for Wii, and we turn in just to simply check it out.  Next thing we know, it's in the cart (we justified that purchase with his Christmas money he has never spent). Well then I remember tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I have been busy planning our meal but forgot about treats to take to work.  Into the cart goes the ingredients for sugar cookies.  Well of course as I'm thinking about baking and cooking I remember how much I have been wanting a grill pan for some new recipes I've found.  Pick it up, says B! :)  Well now we're starting to work up an appetite, so into the cart goes a frozen pizza for lunch, some lean cuisines and granola bars that were on sale (so of course we stocked up with five boxes...we are so pathetic!).  So at this point our three items we actually came in for are not even in the cart.  We quickly grab those with blinders on in hopes to get out as fast as we can, but alas as I'm getting the mascara, B decides he really should whiten his teeth. ;)  So, now we have the whole Crest whitestrips kit complete with fluoride enhanced whitening toothpaste in our cart.  The grand total...$279.02.  Wow, we caved and fell once again into the Target trap!  Better luck next time...

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